Film – Week 11 – Updating Workflow – Mind Like Water

“‘Be shapeless and formless.. like water’ (Bruce Lee)” by is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

“Have a mind like water.”

― David Allen,  GTD


This week, I learned a lot about how films have changed over time from episode 1 of The Story of Film and I learned a lot during the meeting with Mark Cousins. I also wrote my first script in a while and I made my first ever shot list.


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I unfortunately was not able to go on a walk today, but I still gave myself some time to reflect on this subject and how it appears in my life. Based on the lists of ways to increase happiness levels, I think I do a pretty good job in maximizing my production of those brain chemicals. I exercise regularly, which applies to all of the brain chemicals listed. In regards to dopamine, I make a to-do list everyday and check off a task when I’ve completed it, which I have noticed does give me a sense of relief and joy. I pet my cats and listen to music everyday, which should increase my oxytocin levels. For more endorphins, I laugh everyday, eat dark chocolate pretty often, and I do high-intensity interval training 2 or 3 times a week. The list of serotonin increasing activities doesn’t have many things I’ve been doing lately, but I do still exercise and eat the foods that are included in the list. I wasn’t aware of it, but it seems like the things I regularly do increase the levels of these brain chemicals. If I wanted to increase those levels, I think I’d try out cold showers and meditation.


  • What I Learned: In this class, I learned a lot from Mark Cousins, like what kind of mindset you need to start making films and how it’s important to be weird. Outside of this class, I learned a few sewing skills from my mom which will hopefully come in handy later in my life.
  • Problem Solving: This week, I solved a problem with a National Honors Society member, as they were having trouble opening the slideshows from previous meetings on Schoology. I was able to communicate with the other officers and our advisor on the issue and quickly fixed the problem.

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