60 Second Film: Goodbye

60 Second Film: Goodbye


This short film is centered around the impact my brother has on my life and focuses on what I’m missing without him at home. This project is something of an homage to my brother, who very recently moved back to California. He had been living at home for almost a year, following a family member’s death and the beginning of quarantine. He’s a really important figure in my everyday life, as he always brings joy and excitement to a dull day (which there have been plenty of since March). I’m hoping that people are able to gain an understanding of my relationship with my brother and possibly notice the storytelling techniques that I attempted to incorporate.

Feedback Questions

  • Was my central idea clearly communicated?
  • What emotions, if any, did you feel while watching?


“The central idea was very clear and I got very sad and lonely emotions” – Naomi

“The music was well chosen … good job highlighting the difference in tone and emotion” – Francis

“Great display of emotions. The variety and use of shots and lighting was really strong. Each shot was very well done and the music perfectly matched the mood of the film.” – Reese

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