Visual Story Structure Research

Visual Story Structure Research

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Seven Visual Story Components

 What does it mean to emphasize the longitudinal plane?

How can the setting of a scene create emotion?
Affinity – Limit space, make ambiguous, eliminate perspective, stage objects parallel to the picture plane, remove relative movement, reduce tonal/color separation, use telephoto lenses, and let objects blur

Contrast – Deep space, make recognizable, emphasize longitudinal plane, stage objects perpendicular to the picture plane, move the camera, take advantage of tonal separation, and use a wide angle lens
 Why does diagonal to horizontal to diagonal build intensity?

How can shapes communicate character development?
Line and Shape:
Affinity – Horizontal or vertical line, straight line

Contrast – Diagonal line, curved line

Controlling line and shape – squint, evaluate the lighting, stage movements carefully, create a linear motif storyboard, evaluate the shapes (actor, scenery, set dressing), control the lighting, and simplify
Affinity – Coincidental

Contrast – Non coincidental

Controlling tone – find the subject, don’t confuse color with tone, and hide or reveal objects
Besides cyan and red, how do other colors on the color palette communicate emotion?Color:
Affinity – Desaturated, cyan

Contrast – Saturated, red

Controlling color – color palette, filters (lens and lighting), time/location, and digital capture photography
How do we control movement in production?

How does continuous movement and separated movement differ in story telling?
Affinity – Horizontal movements

Contrast – Diagonal movements

Involves the objects in the frame, communicating and creating feeling with movements
What is the difference between rhythm and movement in relation to film?

How can rhythm be shown with stationary objects?
Affinity – Slow rhythm and pace

Contrast – Fast rhythm and pace

Controlling rhythm – watch the lines, don’t confuse rhythm with movement, find rhythm in movement, find the rhythm for a scene, and plan the editing



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